Fast-Tracking Your Degree Programs via RPL and Skills Recognition

The idea of completing a Bachelor’s degree or MBA program may appear unachievable for various reasons. You could be dreading the rising cost of higher education for instance, or simply find going back to school a rather overwhelming undertaking. This need not be the case, however, particularly because of the logical and innovative concept of Recognition of Prior Learning, RPL. Someone with an RPL diploma of business for instance can easily bridge it towards acquiring a Bachelor’s degree.

What is RPL Exactly?

RPL, by definition refers to a process that colleges and universities employ all across the globe for evaluating learning acquired outside regular classrooms for the objective of assigning academic credit. Rather than focus on skills obtained through academic knowledge, recognition of prior learning gives credence to those acquired while at work. It means that someone gets recognized with a qualification commensurate with their workplace performance.

Genesis of RPL

The Australian Department of Education reinforced this concept back in the 1970s as a way of enriching the education system. Candidates assessed via the RPL process require showing proof of having obtained sufficient knowledge and skills through their work and life experience. Doing this exempts them from studying a particular unit or perhaps an entire qualification, in the end achieving a recognized certificate, diploma, or degree. Check Asset Training Australia  for more details.

Benefiting from Academic Exemptions

RPL has over time proven appealing to professionals who’ve spent many years getting equipped with practical experience and would desire recognition for their skills. You can even utilize your RPL qualification for requesting credit exemptions from a degree program, thus enabling you fast-track your achievement of a degree.

An applicant with extensive experience in the business world for instance may complete an advanced RPL diploma of business. A majority of universities would grant exemptions to such a person worth several units in their degrees or MBA programs, relative to their completed units and attained qualification level.

It means the advanced business diploma would eventually earn the applicant a Bachelor’s degree in Business equivalent to ten units in total. Such exemptions would end up saving the applicant money and the stress which oftentimes accompanies the pursuit of a regular degree program. Anyone can take advantage of such an opportunity to acquire an RPL Diploma and fast-track the acquisition of a higher education qualification.

The RPL Diploma of Business in Perspective

This Diploma of Business targets individuals working in either business or administrative capacity. The qualification is quite extensive, allowing for specifications like marketing and human resources, among other kinds.

You might be able to enroll for an Online RPL Diploma if capable of demonstrating expertise acquired after working within a business environment. Most of the institutions offering this type of qualification are accredited by the relevant authorities. As well, they pass applicants through an elaborate vetting process to ensure awarding them with credible qualifications. A good number of them also undertake the initial assessment of candidates free of charge, without requiring any form of commitment to the program applicable.

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