Pursuing Careers in the Real Estate Industry: A Guide to Getting Licences

Today, changing careers in Australia’s populous states such as Queensland is not new anymore. Among the most in-demand career shifts are becoming real estate salespeople. Despite the abundance of training centres in the property industry, most of the aspiring real estate pros are confused on where and how to get a real estate licence Queensland wide.

The following information will guide you on getting a real estate licence in Queensland these days:

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What do you want to pursue?

Before even enrolling in a training institution for property careers, you have to decide what specific real estate career you want to pursue. A real estate agent career is mistakenly thought to be the term for other careers. In fact, there are different professions careers in the property industry, such as consultancy, property managing and operating, and owning a property business.

So, before you enroll in a training centre, you must ask yourself: Do I want to be a real estate salesperson and property manager, or a full real estate agent and then operate my own property business? Deciding which of the two paths you’re going to invest in is important because they require different types of Queensland real estate licence.

Sales & Property Management Certificate.

This is for those who are finding a real estate licence Queensland wide to become a salesperson. If you want to become a property manager simultaneously, you need to complete a Real Estate Salesperson’s Registration Certificate Course.

After enrolling and receiving a certificate, you will be able to own properties to prospects and manage a property. In addition, you will also be authorized to inspect enlisted properties for rent and sale and advertise properties.

On the other hand, remember that you can’t operate your own real estate business unless you also own a…

Full Real Estate Agent’s Licence

This licence gives you a privilege to own and operate your own business, unlike the Sales and Property Management Certificate. So if you want to open your own business and take more responsibilities, you must apply for this licence.

Upon receiving this real estate licence Queensland training centres offer, you can take the same responsibilities of Sales & Property Management Certificate holders. However, what you can do that certificate holders can’t is to open a Trust Account and achieve 19 units of competency. On top of that, you can also operate an apartment complex and sell its units independently.

Also, here’s a business hack: In training centres like Complete Property Training, if you want to move up as a business operator from being a salesperson, you can instead take a licence upgrade instead of enrolling in this program.

How do I find cost-efficient training centres?

When it comes to investing in careers, it can be frustrating when you encounter service providers who false advertise their “stellar and streamlined” training program. And an even worse dilemma is a delay or irrefutable issue on receiving your licence at the end of the course.

Although you can’t always be sure that a training centre or institute is well-performing from first few glances, here are some clues that a Complete Property Training center is worth your time:

Accessibility – You should hesitate to enroll in a training centre if they are hard to access. With the peak of the Internet today, inaccessibility to interested enrollees is a huge turn-off.

Streamlined, no-fuss enrolment process – A hassle-free enrolment process means the customer service and management in that centre are optimized.

Transparency – A cost-efficient training centre should be clear on what they can and cannot offer. No false advertisement, please! To assure that they can walk the talk, follow the next tip.

Satisfied alumni – Any real estate alumni can only confirm that they enrolled in one of the best real estate licence Queensland training centres after receiving their licence. Therefore, you should interview a training centre’s alumni or read both positive and negative reviews of their programs in forums. For more details, you can check https://www.completepropertytraining.com.au/real-estate-courses.

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