Why Is Composting Essential for Every Home?

Composting has a lot of benefits to offer not only to the environment but also to you because of the fact that it can minimise organic waste buildup as well as give abundant nutrient to your garden plants. This makes kitchen compost containers one of the highly-regarded household equipment.

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kitchen compost containers

Things to be included in kitchen compost containers

In order to produce good compost, you need to be aware of the important ingredients which include the microorganisms responsible for decomposition, the moisture level, oxygen level (aerobic composting), temperature, location, and other supplementary materials.

When using a compost bin for the kitchen, make sure that you can turn it at least once a week to aerate it, thus allowing oxygen to heat up the organic wastes inside it. Whilst some people prefer anaerobic composting, others choose to utilise the aerobic composting method because of the latter’s quick turnaround time.

In aerobic composting, the moisture level, oxygen level, and the temperature are vital for the decomposition of the organic materials. Always keep in mind that your organic pile must not be too wet or too dry to keep the microbes alive to heat up. Also, make sure that there is enough oxygen that circulates throughout the pile to keep the vermi worms (if there are any) and microbes alive as well.

The priceless advantages of composting

There are a lot of reasons to compost. Firstly, it helps you cut costs from buying chemical fertilizers but is still a great soil amendment and nutrient-supplement for your plants. By composting, you are also reducing the harmful effects of chemical fertilizers to rivers, streams, and oceans.

Secondly, it helps you save on water consumption since compost, whether produced outside or inside your home in a composting bin kitchen use, retain much moisture compared to bare soil.

Thirdly, by placing your food scraps inside your kitchen compost containers, you are helping minimise the piling up of organic wastes in landfills, thus, producing lesser greenhouse gas into the air.

Simple tips for proper composting

The quality of your compost and the time it is produced greatly depend on the methods you use. There are at least three basic things that you must remember when composting. First, you must remember that as soon the decomposition of the organic materials inside your kitchen compost containers, or compost pit, or tumbler begins, the volume of the pile normally decreases. During this time, don’t be tempted to add fresh scraps as this can possibly reset your composting time and won’t make that batch usable at the expected time.

Second, when choosing between aerobic and anaerobic composting, the former is a much more efficient and quicker way to compost organic wastes. Why? It is because of the presence of oxygen which makes the bacteria, microbes, and other composting agents working steadily to heat up the pile.

Lastly, you can determine a finished compost with its volume. It becomes half the volume of the materials you started with, but much denser. Also, you expect your compost to smell and feel like a dark, rich garden soil.

Get your own compost bin

May it be kitchen compost bins, custom garden bins, or organic school recycle bins, it is essential that you know several things to consider before buying one. The purpose of your compost, the organic materials that you wish to compost, the location where you want to place your bin, and the volume of waste that you are most likely to produce must be assessed beforehand.

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